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I could tell you that I'm a workaholic overachiever, but that sounds boring. I'd rather say that I went to college for advertising and came out as a designer. I've studied vast design, and artistic expression ranges better to understand the trends, preferences, and evolving world. I can tell you that I'm never without a notebook and the voice notes app ready to go at any moment since ideas are fluid and fleeting.

When I graduated, never did I think I would be here. Creating work for some of the largest brands, seeing my work as I walk home from the grocery store or that I'd be owning a business so early. But times change, and here we are. 

I've always tried to think of things differently. More often than not spending hours in college gathering references as I went nuts on a whiteboard well after my colleagues had gone home. To me, there is always a better, more interesting, more captivating way to do something.

Now, the history:

In the past year and a bit, I have had the opportunity to work for Cass & Zack Inc., Fuelcontent (FCB Toronto), Reflektor Digital, The Source and Your Brand Marketing. 

That's many contracts and freelance work, but let's be honest, it doesn't stop there. Not knowing at the start of the year what companies I'd be doing work for, I didn't think the list would look like this...

Warner Bros., particpACTION, The Source, Sensi Brands, Habitat Life, Fume Extracts, Air Canada, Aeroplan, Bank of Montreal, Kijiji,
Florida Blue Insurance, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Belair Direct, Barilla, Glad, OLG, Simplii Financial, and Sobeys.