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So, welcome! You have unintentionally ventured into a visual representation of my brain. Yes, I know this sounds very weird, but stay with me. It's going to make sense. This website not only showcases my work but is constantly evolving. I am a product of the past, in the future, constantly learning and developing my craft from people who are a lot better than myself, and taking past design principles and putting a new spin on them. 

Now, the history:

In the past year and a bit, I have had the opportunity to work for Cass & Zack Inc., Fuelcontent (FCB Toronto), Reflektor Digital, The Source and Your Brand Marketing. 

That's a lot of contracts and freelance work, but let's be honest, it doesn't stop there. Not knowing at the start of the year what companies I'd be making work for, I didn't think the list would look like this...

Warner Bros.


The Source

Sensi Brands

Habitat Life

Fume Extracts

Air Canada


Bank of Montreal


Florida Blue Insurance

Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Belair Direct




Simplii Financial

and Sobeys. *takes a breath* So long story short, I did more than I was expecting. I am still doing freelance work because I love it, though currently, I am at Klick Health so I'm doing far less than I was before. 

For a full CV, resume or different formatting of what you just read (hopefully) you can check out this LINK, or THIS ONE

If you'd like to contact me, and I hope you do, my email is, OR alternatively, you could call or text me at five19seven7zerosixty-eight9five OR, yes another alternative, go to Young and Eglinton, search Google Maps for Starbucks nearby, go to each, shout my name, loud, like a banshee and see if I respond. If I don't, I'm probably on a hike or have all the windows closed and I'm so sorry for the pointless public embarrassment.

Or I mean you could just use the form below this if you feel like it, no pressure.


Hey! Let's have a convo...

Thanks for reaching out!! I'll message you back ASAP!